A future where
all teachers receive
quality training and
all children have
access to quality
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Help us change
people's lives
through education

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We are an educational
NGO that trains and
supports teachers in
communities in
the Western Cape

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Changing the future - one teacher at a time

2020 - 2022 IN REVIEW

Level 4 ECD
teachers trained
teachers attended
short courses
youth placed on
ECD internships
meals provided
to families per month
placement partner
host schools
teachers attending
educational coding training
Lego Playboxes distributed
to schools and ECD centres
sets of Lego Six Bricks
provided to teachers and parents

Empowering people
and strengthening

We offer:

  • Teacher training
  • ECD internships
  • Purposeful play
  • EduTech
By investing in teachers, we
address South Africa’s critical
educational challenges.

Our focus is on the education, training,
support and empowerment of teachers
in disadvantaged communities.

Our focus areas

370B Main Rd, Observatory, Cape Town, 7925

Bridging the Gap Between Ability and OPPORTUNITY

370B Main Road, Observatory, 7925

Invest in the future

Your support helps us to change
lives through education

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