Our training focuses on 21st-century learning design (critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and  communication) and equipping teachers with Digital Skills curriculum

Coding & Robotics
in Foundation Phase

We offer introductory coding training to ECD and Foundation Phase teachers, including:
  • Demystifying coding and computational thinking
  • How to use unplugged coding
  • How to choose and use age-appropriate coding technology
  • How to integrate coding into your classroom, including lesson plan ideas

All training and material are aligned with the CAPS curriculum.

Robotics Clubs

Robotics is a branch of engineering that deals with designing, building and operating robots. It draws on engineering, electronics, and bio-engineering.

Robotics Clubs challenge young minds to find innovative solutions to technology challenges while playing, building confidence and making new friends.

It’s fun and educational!


Teachers can experiment and explore Coding and Robotics technologies in a low-stakes and supportive environment.

Resources include unplugged coding, directional robots, robotics kits, electronics, devices, a drone and even a 3D printer. Facilitators are available onsite to assist, where required.

Our goal is to enable and support teachers to integrate these technologies into their classrooms and CAPS activities.

Robotics resource
kits for schools

We offer coding kits to be used in your classroom,
which include:

  • Eight directional robots
  • Eight sets of coding cards
  • Rechargeable batteries and charger
  • Educational mats
  • Teacher manuals
  • Lesson ideas