Dive into numeracy with ORT SA CAPE! Like Mandela, we’re passionate about education, but did you know South Africa lags in global numeracy? It’s time for a shift! 

Join us as we celebrate Numeracy Day and empower parents, practitioners, and principals with tips for children to thrive in math! 

Cultivating a growth mindset early on leads to success in all aspects of life. “Mathematics is more than just numbers,” says Michelle Sephton from OUPSA. It’s about well-being too! 

Our approach is holistic, engaging parents, teachers, and the community. Let’s rewrite the math story—from fear to confidence! Together, we pave the path for our children’s success. 

Here’s what you can do at home: 

Together, let’s turn math into a joyful journey for our little ones! 

Lisa Wingham: Head of Education and Training at ORT SA CAPE

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