Many young children and families in Manenberg
are hungry.

Please help us help them.
R200 provides food for them for a week.

Carla is 3 years old

She is a pupil at a creche in Manenberg – an ECD centre that is part of the ORT SA CAPE network. Carla lives with her extended family in very cramped conditions. Her mother is struggling to provide for her family.

Receiving food parcels from ORT SA CAPE helps relieve this burden.

Alice is 80 years old

Alice Fisher is a Manenberg resident. Her daughter died 19 years ago, and she has raised her 4 grandchildren – one of whom is now an intern at ORT SA CAPE.

Alice and her grandchildren are grateful to be receiving food packages from ORT SA CAPE.

The smiles on Chadley, Tarryn and Cassidy’s faces say it all!

They live in Manenberg with 9 people in their home. The food packages they receive from ORT SA CAPE go a long way in helping their grandmother feed her family.

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