ORT Global
Online Art Auction

ORT invites you to join our global online Art auction taking place on 26 September 2021

COVID-19, has caused unimaginable loss and suffering. For many, basic necessities such as food, and education or skills to earn a living are rapidly becoming daunting challenges.

During this pandemic, ORT is choosing to use our bridges to unite World ORT International Cooperation with ORT South Africa.

Our Art auction will include 20 selected original artworks from South Africa, North and South America. The funds will go directly to projects associated across ORT SA & ORT USA.

To steer this project, we are fortunate to have secured ORT trustee and internationally acclaimed female auctioneer, Ariella Kuper.

A catalog is being created which will include photos of the artworks, bios of the artists and descriptions of the pieces.

An illustrative catalog is attached from a previous auction.

We urge you to consider supporting this initiative. We have secured high quality artworks, and the participation of credible bidders is key to the success of this pilot project.

The intention is to grow this initiative each year to ultimately include all continents where ORT supports projects, schools and infrastructure.

Let’s build this bridge together!!