ORT’s philosophy around Maths and the importance of Early Years Emergent Numeracy 

Dive into numeracy with ORT SA CAPE! Like Mandela, we’re passionate about education, but did you know South Africa lags in global numeracy? It’s time for a shift!  Join us as we celebrate Numeracy Day and empower parents, practitioners, and principals with tips for children to thrive in math!  Cultivating a growth mindset early on […]

ORT SA CAPE growing friendship through kindness

ORT SA CAPE supports Think Equal and their mission to teach children kindness. Children learn best through doing. This is why teachers asked children to bring a bean to school to plant in a kindness garden. As the children watch the been sprout, they learn that kindness grows in the same way. There is also a […]

ORT SA CAPE honours Numeracy in the Early Years

Let’s celebrate Emergent Numeracy with ORT SA CAPE this Numeracy Day! From birth, numeracy skills play a crucial role in our lives. Let’s shine a spotlight on how math influences our world and encourage others to appreciate its significance! Join us in celebrating the power of numeracy! Are you looking for a CSI initiative with […]

Meet the youth empowerment team at ORT SA CAPE – iqela lethu elimangalisayo 

Our focus is on empowering and supporting youth through our work readiness programmes. The team at ORT SA CAPE consists of the Programme Manager, Sonja Davies. Dawn Adams is our Mentor Coordinator. Anuschka Adams, Sanele Luthuli, Nosiphiwo Faleni and Chad Williams are Youth Mentors. Ulithemba Soci is our admin assistant, Waseemah Manan our Data Capturer and Bilqees Davis is our Project Intern. Together we […]

Ernestine Julies is our Rising STAR!

Today we are shining the spotlight on Ernestine Julies, who is the recipient of our Rising Star award for March 2024. Ernestine began her journey with ORT SA Cape in May 2023, when she joined ORT SA Cape on the ‘YES 12-month work experience programme’ and was assigned as an intern at St. Raphael’s Primary […]

ORT SA CAPE saying YES to a brighter future

ORT SA CAPE knows that our country is facing a lack of skilled youth and unemployment is crippling the country. This is why we believe in a skill-driven ecosystem. As an  implementation partner of YES, we seek to impact youth unemployment by investing in skills development through work experience. This article sums up our country’s unemployment and skills shortage. Read it here:  https://bit.ly/4aqLCII. ORT […]