Overview of our projects 2014/2015

Teacher Training

Training of Curriculum specialists in Limpopo in conjunction with Deloitte and Touche

ORT SA CAPE has been appointed by Deloitte as Literacy specialists to train and develop Curriculum specialists and Educators in Limpopo. 119 schools have been identified in the province to participate in a three year 'school turn-around' programme. The focus will be on training the educators in Cognitive and Perceptual Skills as well as concentrating on literacy and comprehension development. Dr Lydia Abel & Karen Kaimowitz spent a day in Polokwane introducing concepts to the Curriculum specialists, district and circuit managers.

Level 4 Early Childhood Development Training for Herzlia & Phyllis Jowell teacher assistants

February saw the start of our much anticipated Early Childhood Development (ECD) Teacher Training Course for 35 classroom assistants from Herzlia and Phyllis Jowell. The eager and dedicated ECD practitioners arrived at the training with much excitement and a willingness to learn more, embarking on the first step to a Tertiary Education Qualification. The course is a Level 4 SETA accredited qualification through Boland College and students will attend classes at the Cape Town Science Centre once a week over an 18 month period. Classes are presented by ORT SA CAPE's highly qualified and competent facilitators. The funding for this training enables us to offer a follow up course to potential ECD facilitators from the Cape districts.

Emergent Mathematics Training for Grade R Educators

ORT SA CAPE was awarded the tender by WCED Metro South to train 30 Grade R educators in Emergent Mathematics. The 70 hour course covered appropriate Mathematics concepts, e.g. measurement, pattern, shape, numbers and data handling) from September 2014 – February 2015. This training culminated in a 2 day EXPO where educators showcased their resources and knowledge gained on the course. The EXPO was attended by school principals, curriculum advisors and Metro South Management.

A Partnership with National Association for Childcare Workers

A training conference for 100 childcare workers from 224 Centres and Safeparks nationally was held in Durban on 19-21 September 2014. Training was offered in Maths, Literacy development, Perceptual skills and Robotics. The feedback was immensely positive with all participants saying not only were they educated but also energised.

Constructive After School for EnRichment (CASPER)

Winelands Reading and Robotics

ORT SA CAPE has secured a partnership with University of Stellenbosch involving the Social Work and Engineering Faculties. Robotics training includes aspects of Technology linking the subject to the current curriculum. 10 Stellenbosch schools and 3 Wellington schools are involved in the CASPER Winelands projects. A new partnership is emerging in Franschhoek which will bring 5 more schools on board. More than 500 children will be involved in the Reading and Robotics CASPER project this year. The Berg Rivier Secondary School Drama group in Wellington wrote and produced an original play which won first prize at the Wellington Arts Festival.
Currently 344 children are attending CASPER in the Winelands, facilitated by 126 University students.

Urban Reading and Robotics

The Casual Walk-Ins, School Holiday Workshops, Robotics for Home schoolers, Weekend Robotics Clubs and School Extra Mural Clubs continue to draw large numbers. Currently over 250 children benefit from these programmes. The Bamphumelele Orphanage project is running successfully and the M&E indicates that children are improving in reading, comprehension, concentration and writing as well as finding the robotics stimulating. 6 robotics teams entered the FLL competition with one of our teams taking third place at nationals.

Research: Monitoring and Evaluation

ORT SA CAPE is approaching the final months of the 2013/2014 tender to evaluate the Literacy and Numeracy Intervention of the Western Cape Education Department. The project is proceeding as planned and well within budget. It is being well received with positive and encouraging feedback.
A bid for the next 2016/2017 WCED Lit Num tender has been submitted by ORT SA CAPE. We are awaiting the confirmation of the service provider, which will be announced by the WCED in April 2015.


Annual Fundraiser luncheon: Sunday 15th March, our annual picnic fundraiser was held at Klein Cabriere, in Franschhoek. Another successful event raising funds for our Constructive After school Programme for EnRichment.

2015 Cape Town Cycle Tour: ORT SA CAPE was approved as a charity for the 2015 Cape Town Cycle Tour, 50 supporters cycled to raise money for ORT SA CAPE.

Grade R Teacher Graduation 18th August: Held at the Cape Town Science Centre 46 teachers received certificates.

Mandela Day Celebrations 2014: 91 children from Delft and Khayelitsha orphanages enjoyed a day of Robotics and Science Centre activities with ORT SA CAPE, M&C Saatchi Abel, Deloitte & Touche at the CTSC.


ORT SA CAPE's CASPER Literacy Wheel has been well received. UCT Schools Development Unit is using the wheel in their training programmes and Deloitte for language development training Grade 4 -12. As a result of the World ORT visit, we are digitising the wheel into an app.


Through the mentorship programme, monthly networking events and training ORT JET is successfully fulfilling a need to support small Jewish businesses in the Cape Town. Currently 51 businesses are on the Mentorship Programme. ORTJET Networking events are supported on average by 20 businesses. Training sessions for both mentors and mentees are run through Deloitte Cape Town. Regular feedback forums are held for mentors and businesses.