ATKV 2015 competition results

Bergriver Senior Secondary School and Wellington Secondary School have excelled this term at the ATKV competition. The ATKV (Afrikaanse Taal- en Kultuurvereniging / Afrikaans Language and Culture Association) is a society that aims to promote the Afrikaans language and culture. Both schools are a part of CASPER and are a part of our drama programme.

They were a part of 150 one act plays competing throughout South Africa and received multiple awards and achievements in the ATKV tienertoneel 2015 category.

Bergriver Senior Secondary School

  • Krismis van Mac Jacobs by Adam Small
  • Prescribed play for Grade 12
  • They competed in PE and won the final round in Eastern Cape
  • Dylan Abrahams – Gold certificate for acting
  • Alma Nel, Sanet Taljaard, Ludfia Cupido – Siver certificates for Directing
  • The whole group received silver certificates for ensemble (group work)
  • Ueland la Meyer, Shu-aib Isaacs, Franciska Moses, Mooniel Moses and Asake Mbomvu – Bronze certificates for acting
  • Our stage manager, Evelyn Klein, sound-operator, Ell-Shaun Smith, light operator, Shaun Smit received bronze certificates
  • All received bronze certificates for make-up and set design

Wellington Secondary School

  • Suiker - written by a Grade 12 learner, Adrian Swartz
  • Adrian Swartz – Gold certificate for his newly written play, Suiker
  • Adrian Swartz – Gold certificate for acting
  • The whole group – Bronze certificates for ensemble (group work)
  • The whole group - Set design – silver certificate
  • Alma Nel, Sanet Taljaard and Rose Carr - Bronze certificates for Directing

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