World ORT visits South Africa

From left to right: Shmuel Sisso, Lydia Abel, Ariellah Rosenberg, Simon Susman and Nilly Baruch

World ORT Board of Trustees held their annual Trustee meeting in Johannesburg in January, where ORT SA hosted the event. World ORT Trustee members and executive members also visited Cape Town. The CEO of World ORT, Shmuel Sisso and Chief Finance Officer, Steve West spent time in the ORT SA CAPE office, discussing possible collaborations between ORT globally and regionally.

Shabbat dinner was hosted by Nilly and Zvi Baruch. ORT SA CAPE Staff, World ORT Trustees and Shmuel Sisso attended.

The Cape Town Jewish Board of Deputies hosted a tea where Shmuel addressed community leaders. Li Boiskin, past Chairman of the Board of Deputies, welcomed Shmuel and a positive discussion unfolded. David Jacobson, Director of Board of Deputies, thanked both World ORT and ORT SA CAPE for the work being done in the international Jewish community and in the outreach communities of South Africa.

The highlight was a visit to Good Hope Primary, one of the many ORT SA CAPE CASPER (Constructive after School Programme for Enrichment) schools in the Western Cape. The programme runs once a week with Robotics and Reading activities conducted by the ORT facilitators. Shmuel was impressed by the outreach model used by ORT SA CAPE and committed to replicate it in other countries.

Other events and meetings were arranged for the dignitaries, which resulted in a very productive 4 day visit from World ORT.

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