CASPER Literacy App

The CASPER Literacy App is an innovative fun, game-like activity where learners can work independently in groups or alone. The aim of the Literacy App is to promote the development of reading with understanding and intentional writing. It has been designed to include Bloom's taxonomy verbs and de Bono’s concept of Thinking Hats. Each segment (colour) of the wheel represents a different aspect of thinking and provides Sentence Starters for the relevant questions from Grade 4 upwards. It integrates the key elements of language acquisition and literacy instruction with its focus on the What, Why, When, How, Where and Who.

ORT SA CAPE is an educational NGO, born of necessity in 1994 in Post Apartheid South Africa and is operating at the forefront of education in the Western Cape of South Africa. The organisation focuses particularly on disadvantaged schools, teachers and children... ORT SA CAPE prides itself on development for social change; opening minds, getting children off the street into enriching learning experiences and balancing this with helping teachers engage with their challenges.

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